Joy and I wanted to take this opportunity to connect with you and share a little of our stories, because our life experience makes us who we are, and is directly responsible for our successes as real estate agents. We think this information is important to have as you, or someone you know, considers a REALTOR®. We are extremely fortunate to have obtained so many achievements and accomplishments, but where we are today has not come easy. We have had our fair share of obstacles and challenges in life, both personally and professionally. Despite those difficulties, there are two main motives for our success. We worked for it, and we never gave up.
I had my son, Eric, when I was fifteen years old, which is not something that I share very often. As you can imagine, that made this journey towards triumph extremely challenging from the very beginning. I knew there would be stigmas and prejudices against me, and I chose to use them as motivation for every second of my life.

The concrete ambition that I found when my son was born paid off from the start, and it has been returning dividends since. I spent twenty years in retail, and I was known for turning around poor performing stores into top producers. I was promoted to roles as district and area manager for multiple stores and companies, in charge of several states, dozens of locations, and tens of millions of dollars in revenue, all before I turned thirty! Because of my success, I won several accolades, including Store Manager of the Year for a national company and District Manager of the Year out of 55 candidates! These awards were nice professionally, but on a personal level they are a testament to my decision to turn my early challenges into unwavering motivation.

Joy on the other hand, right after college, started her own floral design business that she named “The Joy of Flowers”.  That evolved into a wedding and special event floral company, that she owned for over twenty-five years. She was on the preferred list for many event venues in the region and earned the reputation for being a talented designer and a savvy business woman.

Even though Joy was a thriving entrepreneur in her professional life, she also had her own set of personal hurdles she had to cross. She was married very young to her high school sweetheart, had three sons, but her marriage did not work out, and she became a single mom at the age of 33.
Despite flourishing and thriving in our pre-real estate careers, Joy and I both decided that we needed a change in direction, albeit for different reasons. In 2000, I had my second child, a daughter named McKenzie. Welcoming her to the world made me reevaluate my priorities and future. I was extremely successful in the retail field, but I worked constantly, and my schedule was very rigid, so I wanted a career with more flexibility that would also allow me to continue my ambitious and dedicated approach to business.  I decided that real estate would be the perfect fit, so I earned my license in 2002, and never looked back!

Joy took a bit of a different path to her current career. Despite owning a successful floral business for so many years, she had always had an interest in real estate.
Her father was also a REALTOR® later in life, and he always told her that a career would pay the bills, but Real Estate would create wealth, and that advice stuck with her. Then she made a major life change and sold her business and moved to Discover Bay after meeting her second husband. When she started over in her new location, she heeded her father’s advice and pursued a career in real estate, getting her license in 2003.
Initially, she worked in the mortgage and loan side of the industry for seven years, then switched to realty full time in 2010 and the rest is history!  

Once again, it seemed like we had achieved a high professional standard and our lives were moving upward, but there were still bumps along the road. I had been married throughout the latter half of my retail career and into the first half of my tenure as a REALTOR®. My husband and I actually became partners in business and we thrived. He took our business in the settlement and it ultimately collapsed. I, on the other hand, had to start all over from scratch professionally. I had once tasted the sweetness of prosperity and suddenly found myself with nothing.

Joy’s challenges were different than mine, but just as significant. During her early days in real estate, it was a difficult transition from a creative and successful floral designer to working behind a desk full time. She missed the interaction with people, and the excitement of getting out and visiting the event sites.
She saw the REALTORS® that she worked in the mortgage side always talking about different houses and felt decided to explore the Real Estate side to see if it would bring out the passion that she had once felt as an entrepreneur.
Once we both decided to pursue real estate full time, Joy and I both began moving forward and upward, individually. Now that we are a team, we are taking it to a whole new level, and these are some of the best times that we have had. Together, we love what we do and have a great time doing it! Even though our experiences and personalities are very different, we do share one thing in common, with the biggest shared philosophy being that we both believe in providing the ultimate personalized experience and service for our clients.
Joy and I would love nothing more than to lend our knowledge and experience toward helping you with your real estate endeavors, but we don’t expect your business simply because of our relationship—we only ask that you take the time to interview us and see if we might be the best agents for you. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. When you or someone you know needs a real estate agent, we hope you give us the opportunity to demonstrate our services and interview for the job.

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